L'Arcolaio is a social cooperative founded in 2003 to facilitate the employment of prisoners through the management of a food manufacturing business inside the Syracuse prison, designing and managing the commercial start-up. 

Initially the production was focused on organic bread. Given some difficulties in marketing such at-the-time “innovative” product, the business shifted toward organic, gluten-free and solidarity-committed traditional Sicilian sweets, such as almond cookies. 

In 2005 the trademark "Dolci Evasioni" was created and a dedicated packaging was developed. Dolci Evasioni products have conquered the national market through specialized organic shops, fair trade boutiques and ethical purchasing groups.

In 2014, with the support of the Val di Noto Community Foundation, of which L’Arcolaio is a founding member, the Frutti degli Iblei project was launched: through the recovery of uncultivated lands and the involvement of other categories of disadvantaged people (mainly young and immigrant women), new products are introduced to the market, such as aromatic herbs, flavored salts and dried vegetables.

In 2018 L'Arcolaio opened its on-line shop: Dolci Evasioni products can now be bought directly by final consumers.