Our name is inspired by Mahatma Gandhi’s teachings, who’s spinning wheel was a symbol of freedom, inviting the rediscovery of traditional crafts and a sustainable use of the richness of the land.

From the beginning one of the distinguishing features of our products has been the use of organic raw ingredients, coming from collaborative networks of small local farmers and fair trade (cane sugar, for example), as a signal of the global dimension of solidarity. We prefer ingredients from controlled supply chains safeguarding environment sustainability and workers' rights protection.

Respect for the land also passes through fostering natural and cultural diversity of the territory. This leads us to prefer almonds, a product of excellence of the Sicilian South East area, as well as citrus, carob, and wild herbs that we select for our aromatic mixes. We believe that the experiences of social economy represent an evolutionary factor to rebalance the market mechanisms and we aim to raise public awareness towards critical and conscious consumption.

We continue to play our part in evolving the prison system towards rehabilitation and we daily turn our welcoming spirit into projects of real work integration.